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How to Ensure That You Buy the Right Battery When It's Time for Replacement

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Car batteries are designed to do one very important task each time that you start a vehicle, and that is to provide a significant surge of power to kickstart that powerful engine and all those complicated electronics. It's certainly a sturdy piece of equipment, but it is filled with acid which has the capability to corrode the internal parts over time. As a consequence, the battery will wear out, and you need to replace it if you're going to maintain your vehicle's consistency. If you feel that your battery is on its last legs and you're in the market to replace it, what do you need to remember as you do your shopping?

Sizing It Up

When you go to your auto-parts shop, you will see that the batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and one type most definitely does not fit all. If you cannot see the details on your old battery because the label or stamp has been worn away over time, check with your vehicle manual first or simply ask the supplier for their advice.

If you get a battery that is too small, it won't be able to generate the power you need for reliable motoring. You may need to take into account the particular design of your engine bay as well, as some manufacturers squeeze their battery into an unbelievably small space.


If you live in one of the hotter parts of Australia, then you have to get a battery that can deal with the associated strain. Extreme temperatures call for high-performance batteries, and while most of the units sold in your locality will be appropriate, make sure that you check to see that those words are prominently stamped on the label.

Battery Age

Always make sure that you get a new battery and not one that has been sitting on the shelf for some time. While this is unusual, you can check the battery's age by looking for specific numbers on the label to indicate the manufacturing date. The letter of the alphabet represents the month, starting with A for January, and the digit at the end will indicate the year of manufacturer. Aim to get a battery that is less than six months old.

Proper Replacement

If you're not entirely sure how to replace the battery, it's best if you get an expert to help you so that it is properly installed and won't present you with any problems over time.