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Is It Time for You to Check the DPD on Your Truck?

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If you own or drive a truck that's used for local delivery, you know that it will be subject to higher rates of wear and tear. It will be driven in high traffic situations, and you may not get the opportunity to "stretch its legs" on the open road. This can be problematic when it comes to your annual repair bill, as you will certainly get through more brake linings and other disposables. However, you may need to pay particular attention to the diesel particulate diffuser {DPD) system as well, so what should you know?

Particulate Diffuser

In a diesel truck, a special component is fitted within the exhaust system, known as a diesel particulate diffuser. This is meant to control emissions and to remove as much soot from the system as possible before it reaches the open air. Within this component is a highly efficient filter that will gather diesel particulate as time goes by. As this happens, the pressure builds up, and the DPD will eventually become clogged, prompting you to take further action.

Best Scenario

Ideally, you should drive the vehicle on the open road at a constant speed for a certain amount of time. This would trigger a regeneration process, where temperatures are radically increased to burn off that excess soot.

Metering System

Some trucks have a special metering system that is linked to a dashboard display. It should show the amount of pressure within the DPD and emit a warning when levels get particularly high. Certain vehicles have an automatic component that will begin the DPD burn when necessary, while others may require the driver to pull over to the side and let the system do its work.

Matter of Time

No matter what, you'll only be able to burn off this excess soot a certain number of times before you will need to replace the filter. After all, an automatic or manual burn when the vehicle is still in local delivery mode can only be partially effective. The system is designed to work with maximum efficiency when the truck is driven at highway or motorway speeds.

Replacement Time

If it's been some time since you installed a DPD and you've been on your local circuit ever since, then you may well need to get a replacement filter. You should take the vehicle into a qualified mechanic for them to fit this part and to check the rest of the system as well or you can replace it yourself. 

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